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im excited for this generation of tumblr based teenagers to become parents because i think they will be aware and educated on all sorts of things like gender identity and mental illnesses and such but im also afraid of enrolling my kid into a kindergarten class full of Destials and Johnlocks

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Anime Cutie e-Mook is out! Amidst many other awesome anime articles, we get more Sailor Moon Crystal! And even a sweet pin-up of Serenity and Endymion ^_^

(there’s a whole interview too, but I just took pics of the pics ^_- )

triaelf9 being the amazing person that she is!! Would have loved to have seen some of those regular character sheets back when they released the promo images. I absolutely adore Usagi’s laugh and Minako’s funny face!

Also, anyone else notice Mercury’s goggles!!??

And finally some nice shots of that’s gorgeous pinup poster!! Thank you!!

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